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Computer Services
Computer Services & Repair & Support & Software
Tel: 07758800259
- Installation / Restore Windows
- Create a partition on the Hard Disk
- Installation printers / scanners
- Formatting the Hard Drive
- Installing drivers
- Installing antivirus
- Virus removal
- Recover data
- Installation of Office/Word
- Installing other software
- Replacing the Hard Drive
- Burn CD/DVD
If you need to install Windows  or reinstall Windows  or other settings on your computer, it's best not to try to do the work yourself, and talk to us. Know that reinstalling and installing Windows ,requires some knowledge and experience, so performing this procedure a person not have the knowledge and skills can lead to data loss, as well as system instability.
Services / Repair of Computer
Tel:  07758800259
Setting, Reinstalling Windows, Computer Repair  / Laptop:                                  England & Bristol,Weston,Clevdon,Bath,Bridgwater